About Us

To achieve  the satisfaction of the clients by a stable and continually  high erection quality on time, and based on that, to build up long term partnerships is the target of the company.

Vision of our Company in the mission achievement is to be a construction brand as a synonym of high quality construction service.

The values of our company are quality of constructed buildings, competence of specialists, corporate traditions and basic principles of everything what we do.
These values are importants, as they determine our culture and our style. We follow them while making decisions and forming rules. Supporting our values in practice, we can achieve more confidence and solidarity.

Qualification of our employees makes them real experts in their activities. All the erectors solve any problem in a professional manner,  they increase their knowledge level, share experience and information with other colleagues.
Team Work of any employee is necessary  for success. We support each other, always remember that we work together to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Every employee could be proud of the work, act in the same pace with his colleagues and get moral and material satisfaction of work to feel his own contribution in achievement of the common target.
The Company wants it`s employees not only to be loyal, but to possess the highest level of commitment, efficiency and qualification.  We have studied, that there is no impossible, and the work have a valid value.